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Newsweek Sets Charlie Sheen on Fire

He’s back! Charlie Sheen will soon be returning to the small screen with his new show, Anger Management. So Newsweek asked reporter Michael Ware, an Iraq War veteran, to catch up with the beleaguered actor. And then, at a photo shoot, they set Sheen on fire. Denise Richards showed up for it.

In his profile of Sheen, Newsweek’s Ware discusses how the shoot went down—and how a stuntman named Crispy took heat for the actor.

A few days earlier, we set this kid on fire. For real. It was awesome; he flamed up brilliantly. A stuntman in a fire suit, gooey with fire repellant, naturally. Top kid. Solid. His name is Crispy, which makes everyone laugh whenever he introduces himself. We’re at Charlie’s photo shoot for Newsweek, and I’ve been slugging from a whisky bottle hidden in Charlie’s car. Meeting Crispy is the first meaningful thing all day.

Turns out, Tom “Crispy” Crisp, a lad from Sioux Falls, S.D., who worked in his old man’s concrete business, only moved to Hollywood two years ago, living the first five months in his only possession, a van. (“I told my father, see, I still wasn’t feelin’ it. The adrenaline was still rockin’ and rollin.’”) Crispy, it unfolds, is a Marine. “Did four for the Corps,” he says to me. Two deployments. Both Iraq. Anbar. The second, with First Recon. Hardcore. He doesn’t have to say it, he never mentions any of it, but you can tell, straight away. This kid’s been in the s--t. I like him instantly.

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