Nine LSU Frat Brothers Arrested for Allegedly Urinating on, Beating Pledges

Nine members of Louisiana State University’s Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity were arrested Thursday on allegations of horrific hazing that included urinating on pledges while they lay face down on a basketball court covered in broken glass. Pledges also allege that they had gasoline poured on them and were forced to submerge themselves in an ice machine wearing nothing but their underwear, according to newly released arrest warrants. Fraternity members are also accused of kicking pledges with steel-toe boots and attempting to burn them with cigarettes. DKE national—one of the oldest fraternities in the nation—announced the sudden closure of its LSU chapter last month. An LSU freshman died in 2017 during a hazing incident at the university.

The arrest report for fraternity brother Cade Duckworth includes several of the most egregious alleged instances. A victim alleges that he was made to lay on a basketball court that had broken glass all over it. “The victim stated that another pledge was made to lie on the court next to him, face down while they were both sprayed with a hose, had milk crates thrown at them, and were urinated on,” the report says. Duckworth is being held on one count of second-degree battery, attempted second-degree battery, and false imprisonment— all felonies.