No Pending Charges Against Tony Stewart

NASCAR driver Tony Stewart is safe from criminal charges following an incident that killed 20-year-old driver Kevin Ward Jr.—for now, at least. Ontario County Sheriff Phil Povero in New York state says that he “has yet to see any evidence of any criminal intent on Stewart’s part” in the Saturday crash, though the investigation is ongoing. Ward exited his vehicle after spinning out of control and stepped onto the racetrack, gesturing in Stewart’s direction. Stewart’s car struck Ward, dragging the driver’s body some 50 feet, killing him. Another sprint-car racer, Tyler Graves, who has been described as a friend of Ward, suggested that Stewart acted with some degree of intent, perhaps intending to scare Ward by driving close to him. “I know Tony could see [Ward]… When Tony got close to him, he hit the throttle,” Graves said. Authorities have said that Stewart is fully cooperating in the investigation, which is being reviewed by the district attorney. Eyewitness testimony and video are still being gathered.