Wild Thing

Nominated Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz’s Crazy Hairdo

President Obama nominated supersmart MIT physicist Ernest Moniz to run the Department of Energy. But it’s Ernie’s hairstyle that’s getting all of the attention.

MIT faculty members aren’t usually held to a certain standard for fashionable hair, and from the looks of it, nominated energy secretary Ernest Moniz got pretty comfy with that idea during his 40-year tenure at the university.

In fact, his coif, which appears to be a mash up of ’30s finger waves and a George Washington-type bob, is so dated that the Twittersphere erupted Tuesday with commentary like @Artologica’s “Ernest Moniz has perfect hair for a cabinet secretary—in the early 19th century.” And riffing on Moniz’s penchant for clean energy, Fast Company’s editorial director Tyler Gray tweeted, “Even his hair harnesses the power of the wind.”

Watch our video to see some of the Internet’s best opinions on Moniz’s ‘do.