How's That?

Not Pregnant - Kate Plays Cricket With William

Joseph Johnson

Kate Middleton continued her campaign to prove she is not pregnant today by engaging in a game of cricket with her husband in New Zealand.

Kate and William were at an engagement in Christchurch to publicise the Cricket World Cup, at the city's Latimer Square, when Kate stepped up to the wicket with nothing but a yellow plastic bat to defend her against her husband.

Would you play cricket if you were pregnant? We think not - especially as William reportedly bowled a 'wild full toss' ball which went perilously close to the royal head.

Kate's cricket playing came the day after William told Cynthia Read, who had was commissioned to make a wool shawl for Prince George by the New Zealand government to promote the country's wool industry: “You might have to make another one soon!”

It was initially interpreted as a broad hint that Prince George may soon have a baby sibling, however Kate moved to quickly 'show and tell' she was not pregnant by attending a wine tasting and telling those present how great it was to be able to enjoy a glass of wine again.

She also went for a ride on a jet-powered motorboat. The driver told Sky News that he was required to ask all the passengers if they were pregnant as part of the safety briefing -- and nobody replied in the affirmative.

However, in their engagement interview, Will and Kate did declare their intention to have two children, so given Will's remarks we reckon Kate will be hoping to get pregnant soon after they return -- meaning a new baby in the early spring next year perhaps?