Close To The Edge

Not Too Close, Old Boy!

William peers over edge of perilous viewpoint in Sydney's Blue Mountains

WPA Pool

Hey, William, you're the heir, not the spare, so stay back from the edge, OK?

Prince William gave onlookers a few shivers on the royal tour of Australia today when he peered over the edge of a precipitous beauty spot named Narrow Neck Lookout.

William stood just 18 inches from the edge of the stunning viewpoint in the Blue Mountains, outside Sydney, which were devastated by bushfires six months ago.

Kate, who was wearing less sensible shoes than her husband (see below) stayed further back.

Damian Cooper, manager of the Mountain Youth Services Team which was organising abseiling for kids at the location told the Daily Mail: "I think he made everyone a bit nervous. He took a step over and took a look down. I had a brief moment there. He did not seem intimidated by the edge or the height at all."

It was day two of the tour of Australia, and Prince George was nowhere to be seen, which saddens the Royalist - but presumably came as a relief to some.

Prince George is expected to make an appearance at Taronga zoo on Easter Sunday - but the engagement is not being confirmed by the palace.

Yesterday, the royals met families who had lost their homes in the bush fires of October last year, the worst in New South Wales for a decade. Winmalee and the neighbouring community of Yellow Rock saw 195 homes destroyed in a few hours.

Miranda Hansen, 67, a widow who lost the home she built with her husband, was one of those who spoke to the duke.

She told the Times, “He said that when my house is rebuilt they are going to come back for a cup of tea with me. Isn’t that lovely?”