Notes From Michael Flynn’s FBI Grilling Released on Eve of Sentencing

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office published notes from the FBI interview with Michael Flynn that cost him his job as national security adviser. The document, dated February 2017, recounts Flynn’s conversation with FBI agents at the White House in January of that year. The notes state that agents asked Flynn if he remembered asking Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak to refrain from retaliating against President Obama’s expulsion of Russian diplomats for meddling in the 2016 election. Flynn responded by saying, “Not really. I don’t remember. It wasn’t ‘Don’t do anything.’” Agents also asked Flynn if he asked Russia and other countries to vote down a pending U.N. resolution condemning Israeli settlements and Flynn claimed the calls were only polling about “where countries would stand on a vote” and not an attempt to sway them. Mueller’s office later charged Flynn with lying to the FBI on both counts. He pleaded guilty and is set to be sentenced on Tuesday. You can read the entire document here: