Macron Wants to Rebuild Notre Dame Within Five Years After Devastating Inferno

In a televised address Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron said he hopes to rebuild the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral within five years after a fire destroyed the church’s roof and spire on Monday. “We will rebuild Notre Dame because that’s what the French expect; that’s what our history deserves,” he reportedly said. “I share your pain and I share your hope.” Andrew Finot, head of communications for Notre Dame, also told reporters Tuesday that the cathedral’s “entire roof has disappeared” and that there was still water inside from the firefight. According to ABC News, Finot confirmed that 80 percent of the church’s religious relics and art were recovered from the blaze.

Paris public prosecutor Remy Heitz said that 50 people are working on the investigation into the fire’s cause, adding that the probe will be “long” and “complex.” ABC reports that Heitz said no evidence was found to suggest the fire was started deliberately, and officials are leaning towards the theory that an accident caused the major fire. So far, almost $340 million has reportedly been pledged to help with reconstruction efforts.