GOP Disaster

Numbers That Speak for Themselves

New Quinnipiac poll: utterly disastrous numbers for the GOP.

New Quinnipiac poll out this morning. Bleak house, conservatives:

So it looks like maybe people actually get this. I mean, even Ron Fournier of National Journal, usually devoted to the pox-on-both-houses, why-can't-Obama-lead? narrative, writes today that this is basically the GOP's fault and Obama "can't capitulate to GOP demands to unwind the fairly legislated and litigated Affordable Care Act. To do so would be political malpractice and a poor precedent for future presidents." Not holding my breath for Mark Halperin yet, but this is progress.

And these are devastating numbers for the GOP. If their private polling is close to this, we'll see a deal soon, probably. Except that ... individual right-wing members polling their own right-wing districts will see that locally, their numbers are going up! And that is the problem in a nutshell right there.