NY Police Seek Culprit Who Defaced Justin Bieber Sculpture

New York State Police are enlisting the help of the public in trying to find the person responsible for defacing a sand sculpture of Justin Bieber at a state fair on Thursday night. The sculpture, a bust of Bieber's head, was apparently kicked in on Thursday night. "He just threw himself into the head of Justin Bieber in the sand, and then immediately bolted out the side door," a witness told local news station WSYR-TV, describing the culprit. Bieber was reportedly featured in the sand sculpture as part of a tribute to artists who performed at the state fair's Mohegan Sun Grandstand before it was destroyed in January. Police say they managed to get a partial description of the culprit but have not yet tracked him down. "Maybe this is an individual who may have been intoxicated, or who may have an issue just with Mr. Bieber," Trooper Jack Teller told WSYR-TV.