NYC Cabbie Drives Passenger to LA

A cab ride from Brooklyn to Queens is one thing, but a lift from New York City to Los Angeles? It was the dream of investment banker John Belitsky, who wanted to honor his former taxi driver father by paying a cab driver $5,000 to make the trip, which ultimately took six days. Belitsky also admitted on Twitter that he wanted to make a movie of the trek. "At the moment, the running concept is that we're going to take it to some movie people when we get there and see what happens," he said in front of the camera held by his travel companion and friend Dan Wuebben. They found a willing cabbie—Mohammed Alam from Bangladesh—at LaGuardia Airport on April 16, and convinced him to leave his distraught wife, child, and parents for a week or so in exchange for the money. But Alam insisted to CNN affiliate KUSA that it was never about the money. "It's about the record. I want to be a part of the record," he said.