NYPD Arrests Man in Patz Case

Thirty-three years later, the Etan Patz case may be closer to being solved than ever before. After the New York Police Department revitalized its search for clues in the 1979 disappearance of the 6-year-old that captured the nation’s attention, police commissioner Ray Kelly announced that Pedro Hernandez, who is said to have admitted to strangling Patz, has been arrested. Police believe that Hernandez told others of the killing as early as 1981, though he had never been questioned by the police prior to Thursday. A lieutenant described Hernandez, 51, as “remorseful,” and said the Patz family was overwhelmed by the news of his confession and subsequent arrest. A tipster told the NYPD that the suspect said he had “done a bad thing” and killed a child. “We believe this is the individual responsible for the crime,” Kelly told reporters.