NYPD Busts Two for Drones Near Chopper

Two New York men have been arrested for flying their personal drones and almost causing a collision with a New York Police Department helicopter. Wilkins Mendoza, 34, and Remy Castro, 23, were piloting their unmanned aerial vehicles around 12:15 a.m. Monday morning near the George Washington Bridge. They flew them too close to an NYPD chopper, forcing the helicopter to swerve and change course, according to a police report. The men were arrested by 12:35 a.m. and later arraigned on felony reckless-endangerment charges and released without bail. Their lawyer, Michael Kushner, defended his clients, saying “This vehicle can’t go above 300 feet. They did nothing more than fly a kite.” However, their friends say they have flown their drones more than 5,000 feet high. Mendoza and Castro each bought a drone for $500 to $700.