NYPD Cop Who Allegedly Plotted Husband’s Murder Begs for His Mercy

A 12-year veteran of the NYPD accused of hiring a hit man to off her estranged husband is now pleading for his mercy, the New York Daily News reports. Imprisoned officer Valerie Cincinelli asked her spouse, Isaiah Carvalho, to believe that she was not behind the murder-for-hire plots she is accused of during a divorce court hearing in Nassau County. “Isaiah, can you hear me?” asked Cincinelli, who was on speaker phone calling from Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. “Hello, can you hear me? You know I didn’t do this. You know me for how many years? You frickin’ know me. You know I’m a good mom.” Carvalho, whose “death” was staged earlier this month as part of a federal sting to catch his wife, did not respond. Carvalho filed for divorce last year, and her new lover, John DiRubba, soon reportedly reached out to the FBI to allege that Cincinelli had sought to enlist his help in a plot to off Carvalho. He reportedly wore a wire to help expose Cincinelli, who had also allegedly plotted against DiRubba’s 15-year-old daughter.