War President

Obama: Afghan Is `America's War'

Is Obama secretly a neo-con? In today's Face the Nation interview, the president reiterated his commitment to strong, steady action in Afghanistan and Iraq. Asked by interviewer Bob Schieffer whether Afghanistan has "become your war," Obama replied, "I think it's America's war," and said securing Afghan stability would be the conclusion of America's post-9/11 anti-terror work. In the lengthy interview, Obama also rejected the suggestion that he would speed troop withdrawal from Iraq—"We still have a lot of work to do"—and compared Mexico's drug problem to Prohibition-era America. Describing the current unrest in Mexico, Obama said Mexican President Felipe Calderon's anti-drug work is comparable to "when Eliot Ness took on Al Capone back during Prohibition. Oftentimes that causes even more violence. And we're seeing that flare up." As for domestic issues, Obama expressed cautious optimism on the economy (though the auto industry is "not there yet" with its bailout goals) and said Wall Street is working on its humility: "Show some restraint," he said he advised them.