THE 1%

Obama Attacks Ryan’s Tax Plan

Well, that would be convenient. President Obama told a crowd in New Hampshire Saturday that Paul Ryan’s tax plan would raise the taxes on the middle class by an average of $2,000 annually, while allowing Mitt Romney to pay less than 1 percent. The goal of his plan is “not to reduce the deficit, or grow jobs, or invest in education, but to give another tax cut to people like him,” Obama said. His data comes from a recent analysis of Congressman Ryan’s 2010 budget, which would eliminate taxes on interest, dividends, and capital gains. Another study showed the Republican’s tax plan would force low-income citizens to shell out more in taxes. The Romney campaign spokesman shot back, saying Obama’s attack was false. “The fact is President Obama wants to raise taxes on private investment and job creators, which will lead to higher unemployment and fewer jobs,” the spokesman said.