Everybody’s a Critic

Obama Doc Didn’t Do It for Romney

Mitt Romney has seen President Obama’s new “so-called documentary,” and he is not a fan. The presidential hopeful criticized the the film’s director, Davis Guggenheim, for recently admitting he had nothing bad to say about Obama. “I’ll give you some help, Mr. Guggenheim,” Romney said at Pancakes Eggcetera, a diner near Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. “You can make a call to some of the moms that are having a hard time paying for gas as they get their kids to and from school and practice and music lessons. And you can also talk to the people who are having a hard time getting to and from work, given the price of gasoline.” Romney’s digs about the rising gas prices were likely not lost on the residents of suburban Chicago, where gas is about $4.34 a gallon.