Obama Foes Live-Troll SOTU

President Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday night elicited some strong reactions from his political foes who simply couldn’t wait until the annual speech was finished to storm Twitter with their own two cents. “On floor of house waitin on ‘Kommandant-In-Chef’...the Socialist dictator who’s been feeding US a line or is it ‘A-Lying?’” Texas Rep. Randy Weber tweeted impatiently before Obama took the podium. He continued to live troll the speech, writing “SOTU=Sorry Our Time’s Up. POTUS=Poor Obama Trashed U.S. We shouldn’t be surprised. He promised to ‘fundamentally change US’ Boy is he?!” among other tweets. Weber was joined online by Rep. Tim Huelskamp who also seems to have had his head in his mobile phone throughout the President’s speech, tweeting his tweeting his reactions to the SOTU—such as “The new Imperial Presidency—#Obama will do everything ‘without legislation’ to advance his radical agenda”— in real time. Meanwhile Katie Pavlich, writer at the conservative magazine Townhall, tweeted a picture of the weather report out of Atlanta to discredit the section of Obama’s speech dedicated to climate change. “As it snows in Georgia, Obama wants you to know global warming, I mean climate change, is a FACT #SOTU.”