Obama Heads to Florida

Next stop, the Sunshine State. After finishing up a post–State of the Union tour with a speech at Hyde Park Academy in Chicago, today POTUS is allegedly heading (sans Michelle) to Palm City, Florida, where he plans to simply “relax with friends.” According to the Treasure Coast Palm, he’s keeping quiet about the details of his hiatus—which is apparently planned to take place at the über-exclusive Treasure Coast golf getaway, the Floridian. For those worried about the state of the economy and, well ... everything else ... fear not, says White House press secretary Josh Earnest. He “will fulfill his responsibilities as president even while he's getting some well-deserved downtime,” Earnest said. The respite comes on the heels of Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday night in which he announced his plans—among other things—to raise the federal minimum wage and improve the quality of America’s preschools. Here’s hoping the trip is worth the back-to-reality blues that will inevitably ensue (we’ve all been there).