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Obama Is Building Iron Man, Seth Rogen in the Senate, the ‘Tonight Show’ Lip-Sync Battle and More Viral Videos

From a Jimmy Fallon-Paul Rudd lip-sync battle to Jeff Gordon’s rubber-burning revenge, WATCH our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.

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5. Jimmy Fallon’s Lip-Sync Battle with Paul Rudd

This hip-thrusting, fist-pumping showdown will make you totally rethink Journey’s “Jukebox Hero” and Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.” If they ever pop up on your iPod, there’s no way you won’t remember The Tonight Show host and the I Love You, Man star breaking it down. It’ll be hard to get that image of Rudd staring straight into your soul out of your mind.

4. ‘Test Drive 2’

After spurning Jeff Gordon in an article doubting the authenticity of the first “Test Drive”, an unsuspecting journalist is taken for the ride of his life as the NASCAR champion (this time disguised as an ex-convict) flees from police in a high-speed chase.

3. Seth Rogan Speaks to the Senate

The Knocked Up celebrity gives a surprisingly informative and touching speech to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease—and still manages to make 74-year-old Sen. Tom Harkin and the rest of the subcommittee giggle.

2. Obama’s Superhero Project

The president announced during a manufacturing innovation event that the United States is working to build its very own Iron Man. We’re pretty sure he’s joking….but really hoping that he’s not.

1. Michelle Obama and Will Ferrell Talk Nutrition

Sorry, Mr. President, but your wife is sliding into first place this week. The First Lady enlists the help of the Anchorman comedian—who, according to the opinionated kids in this Let’s Move! “focus group,” isn’t quite as funny as Jimmy Fallon—to discuss living healthy lifestyles.