Obama Reconsiders Abuse Photos

The Obama administration seems to be backtracking on its promise to release up to 44 photos depicting alleged prisoner abuse. The photos are sought by the ACLU, which filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit in April. A U.S. attorney had said in a letter to the judge handling the case that “The parties have reached an agreement that the Defense Department will produce all the responsive images by May 28, 2009.” However, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters yesterday that President Obama has “great concern” about releasing the photos. When asked whether the administration might now fight the release of the photos, he simply responded, “I don't want to get into that right now.” Sens. Joseph Lieberman and Lindsey Graham wrote a letter to the president last week, expressing concern that “The release of these old photographs of past behavior that has now been clearly prohibited can serve no public good, but will empower al-Qaeda propaganda operations, hurt our country's image, and endanger our men and women in uniform.”