House Dems Tell Bill Barr: Hand Over Documents On Obamacare Decision

House Democrats have demanded that Attorney General William Barr hand over documents behind the Trump administration’s decision not to defend the Affordable Care Act in court. If the administration doesn’t give them up, the Dems say they will then use their subpoena powers to get their hands on the documents. According to the Los Angeles Times, five house committee chairmen wrote: “It is Congress’ responsibility as an independent and coequal branch of government to understand how this decision was made, including whether the president or anyone in the White House instructed the department to override its legal conclusions and take a position that would result in the loss of health insurance coverage for millions of Americans.” A similar letter was delivered to the White House Counsel's office. The Justice Department originally said that only parts of the Affordable Care Act should be dismantled—but after a U.S. district judge invalidated the entire law, the Justice Department agreed.