Occupy Wall Street Tweets Crackdown

It all started peacefully on Sept. 17, when Occupy Wall Street—group of activists against corporate greed and social inequity—pranced around Wall Street in their skivvies, delighting in the occasional eye roll from a banker. But around on the eighth day of demonstrations, Occupy Wall Street tweeted this afternoon that at least 50 people from their group had been arrested and five women had been maced while marching through New York City this morning toward the United Nations building. One of the group's PR representatives, Patrick Bruner, said that talks of tear gas and other the information would be taken "with a grain of salt." The NYPD told The Village Voice that they do not use tear gas and will not confirm any arrests. Several members of the group are reportedly tweeting live updates from inside police custody, but Occupy Wall Street recently tweeted that "rumors of pending mass arrests ... are NOT confirmed."