Ohio Town Erupts Over Rape Case

Delhi isn't the only city erupting in protests over a rape. Officials in Steubenville, Ohio, have launched a website to keep the facts straight on a controversial rape that's raised questions of a cover-up and launched protests in the small town. Two members of the local high school football team are being charged with raping a young girl. It has been insinuated that officials interested in protecting the school's reputation hid the controversy, which town officials deny. The site, SteubenvilleFacts.org, was created to "present only the facts and provide information on the government of the city, as well as the transparency and the timeline of the evidence," according to the city manager, who added that the site will combat the notion that "everyone in Steubenville is acting or is like the individuals that are involved in the case. That we are a community that is run by football. That is not the case."