Oklahoma City Sergeant Returns to Duty After Shooting Teen

An Oklahoma City police sergeant returned to full-duty Tuesday two months after shooting a 14-year-old boy, CNN reports. Sgt. Kyle Holcomb was placed on administrative leave back in March after firing four shots at Lorenzo Clerkley, who was climbing out the window of an abandoned home. Police said that Clerkley, who was hit by two of the four bullets, was carrying a replica pistol, prompting Holcomb to fire. Clerkley, however, disputes this claim. “I didn’t have any weapon in my hand,” he told CNN. Lorenzo’s mother, Cherelle Lee, said she wants to see Holcomb prosecuted. “There was no reason he should've fired off anyway just because he could've ended up taking his life,” she said. Body cam footage of the incident shows Holcomb walking up to the abandoned house. “I think it’s a cap bun but they are shooting something off,” the sergeant can be heard saying to a fellow officer. Moments later, Holcomb looks through a small opening in a fence, yells, “Show me your hands, drop it!” and immediately fires four shots. “He didn't even give me no time to do anything—put my hands in the air, anything,” Lorenzo said. “He just fired.”