Omar bin Laden In Mental Hospital

How’s this for scary: Osama bin Laden’s 29-year-old son, Omar, checked into a psychiatric hospital for drug-induced schizophrenia after claiming to hear the voice of his terrorist father in his head. His admittance followed weeks of erratic behavior, in which bin Laden reportedly went on wild shopping sprees, drove erratically, and stayed in bed for days at a time. His behavior has prompted his British wife, Zaina, to ask for a divorce. The reason: Bin Laden, she says, is bipolar—which she blames solely on his father’s terrorist mentalities, as well as family pressures. “I think he suffered post-traumatic stress disorder after 9/11,” Zaina told the Daily Mail. “Seeing what his dad done ruined Omar’s life.” Ten days ago, concerned of his condition, Zaina flew to Qatar, where bin Laden lives. She then checked into a hospital’s psychiatric unit. Three days later, however, Bin Laden checked himself out. His odd behavior continues.