Oprah Picks Michelle Obama Memoir for Book Club

Michelle Obama’s forthcoming memoir “Becoming” has officially been selected for Oprah’s Book Club, marking Winfrey’s first pick by an author from the political world since she started the club in 1996. “This book is everything you wanted to know and so much you didn’t even know you wanted to know. I believe it’s going to spark within you the desire to think about your own becoming,” Winfrey told the Associated Press in a statement. Pre-sales of the much-anticipated memoir have already topped’s best-seller list, though its official release is Tuesday, Nov. 13. In the book, Michelle Obama is uncharacteristically candid about deeply personal subjects such as her struggle to conceive her daughters, and her dislike for Donald Trump ever since he promoted the “birther” movement, falsely claiming that Barack Obama was not a U.S. citizen. Winfrey has been a vocal supporter of the Obamas since Barrack Obama’s first run for president in 2008. A taped interview between Winfrey and Michelle Obama will air Thursday on the OWN network, as well as a two-part podcast that will run Thursday and the following Monday, Nov. 19.