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Oprah Winfrey or Stedman Graham: Who Said It?

Winfrey and her longtime love hit the morning-show circuit on the same day—he was pushing a book, she was pushing a network. When it comes to Gayle King and living your best life, see if you can tell the prolific partners apart.

1. On Friendly Rivalry:“When you have your own identity, when you know who are, when you’re passionate about the work that you do, then you want the best for other people.”

2. On OWN’s Rough Debut:“The first year should be tough, if you’re working on a show for 25 years, you’ve been No. 1 and you’re starting off with the first year developing OWN, it should be tough. “

3. On Pouring Your Guts Out:“The only reason to hear your story is that somebody can see themselves in you and be able to make a different choice for themselves.”

4. On Tweeting:“What everybody wants is really to fulfill the highest expression of themselves.”

5. On Living Your Best Life:“Until you source the right content and make it relevant to your passion, to your strength, to what you love and care about, then you can’t develop a process for continuous improvement.”

6. On Self:“I define myself by everything that I love, everything I can create, everything that I can imagine …”

7. On Gayle King:“There is not a better human being in the world.”

8. On Equal Opportunity:“Everybody has 24 hours and the question is, what do you do with your 24 hours? That’s what makes everybody equal.”

9. On Living Life to the Fullest:“There will never be a time to quit; I will die in the midst of doing what I love to do.”

10. On Perseverance: “Because you failed does not make you a failure. And when you know that in the core of yourself, you can keep trying or you can use whatever is happening in that moment to say, ‘Maybe it’s time to move in a new direction.'”

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10/10: You get a car!8 or 9: Feel free to jump on a couch à la Tom Cruise.6 or 7: A private tutoring session with Gayle should do the trick!4 or 5: You need to catch up on OWN—if you can find it.3 or fewer: Discover your inner self and join Oprah’s Book Club.