Texas Grand Jury Indicts Cop in Fatal Shooting of Black Man

A grand jury in Texas indicted a police officer Wednesday for fatally shooting a black man during a traffic stop last year, the Associated Press reports. Arlington Officer Bau Tran was indicted on a charge of criminally negligent homicide for the death of O’Shae Terry, whom he shot in September after another cop pulled the 24-year-old man over due to a registration violation. Body cam footage revealed that, after a conversation lasting several minutes between Tran, Terry, and the other officer, Tran grabbed the passenger window of Terry’s SUV, which was rolling up. As Terry began to drive away, Tran put his foot on to the vehicle’s running board, aimed his gun into the SUV, and fired multiple times. “We are certainly happy that there will be a chance for some form of justice in this case,” Lee Merritt, an attorney for Terry’s estate, told the AP. “But if anyone else had done this, it would have been murder.”