Pakistan Reels After ISIS Bombing Kills 88

An attack on a Sufi shrine in Pakistan that killed 88 people Thursday has created fear and turmoil within the country, as dozens of suspects were arrested and nearly 40 killed in sweeping raids Friday. The attack, claimed by the Islamic State terror group, was reported to be the deadliest in the country in years. Islamabad reportedly lashed out at Kabul, blaming the bombing on militant sanctuaries across the Afghan border. Pakistan fired a round of artillery shells into Afghan territory, and shut down the Torkham border crossing. But Afghan President Ashraf Ghani condemned the shrine attack immediately. “Sufis always preach peace and brotherhood among people,” he said in a statement, adding that “terrorists once again proved that they have no respect for Islamic values.” Pakistani officials said at least 39 suspects were killed in raids on militant hideouts following the attack. An additional 47 suspects were arrested.