Palin Aide Revolts Against Mama Grizzly

You usually want to stoke speculation about what’s in a political tell-all, not just tell all. A manuscript titled In Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin: A Memoir of our Tumultuous Years written by one of Sarah Palin’s closest aides from when she was governor was seemingly accidentally leaked by its agent. The manuscript describes how Frank Bailey was first drawn to Palin, then disillusioned as her campaign became increasingly nasty. "We set our sights and went after opponents in coordinated attacks, utilizing what we called "Fox News surrogates," friendly blogs, ghost-written op-eds, media opinion polls (that we often rigged), letters to editors, and carefully edited speeches." Bailey also asserts that Palin broke election law by coordinating with the Republican Governors Association, a soft-money group. A spokeswoman for Palin’s political action committee said: "Doubt she will respond to this kind of untruth.”