Seen This?

Palin Wants to Run Against Obama

Sarah Palin is itching for a rematch. The Alaska governor told Runner's World magazine that she'd beat Barack Obama in a foot race, according to an article published online today. "I betcha I'd have more endurance," she said. "My one claim to fame in my own little internal running circle is a sub-four marathon. What I lacked in physical strength or skill, I made up for in determination and endurance." Palin said she's been a runner all her life, and was born to marathoners who organized family runs. But don't go scanning the streets of Anchorage for the governor just yet: apparently she's unrecognizable without her usual hair and makeup. "When I run, I'm totally incognito because I'm not wearing a trough full of makeup. I can go running through a mob of tourists and they don't recognize me," Palin said. If only the governor had made these claims before the election run-off, maybe we could've caught a glimpse of the two running laps.