Palmer Luckey Talks Cosplay in First Interview Since Oculus Exit

Palmer Luckey, the co-founder of Oculus which was acquired by Facebook, gave his first interview to MoguraVR since leaving Oculus in March. He was in Japan to attend the anime event Machi Asobi and discussed cosplay and the Japanese VR market. "At the moment I am an unemployed engineer, when I worked at Facebook I was just a business person," Luckey said according to a translated version of the interview. "The Oculus offices were on the Facebook campus. It certainly was a great working environment. But I had to restrain myself working there. I could not cosplay while working at Facebook." The Daily Beast reported in September last year that Luckey had contributed money to a "shitposting" outfit called Nimble America that was intended to circulate memes and had plans for anti-Clinton billboards. He left the company within six months after the story.