Pandemonium at Top Model Audition

Makeup was ruined, dresses were sullied, and dreams were shattered. An audition for America's Next Top Model in New York City turned into a panicked sea of humanity yesterday as the rumor of a bomb swept through the crowd. According to reports, a spat between two men (what were they doing there?) that ended with one threatening to come back with a gun put the already nervous crowd on edge. A rule that those stepping out of line would lose their spot—meaning that America's Next Top Model may have ingloriously peed in a cup on 55th Street—did not help matters. Finally, the arrival of a smoking BMW incited a panic, and women knocked over barricades, fainted, and were pushed against walls in what one aspiring model described as a scene from "9/11 part two." After the stampede, auditions were closed. Several women are in the hospital and three others have been arrested for inciting a riot—and the video has to be seen to be believed.