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Paparazzi Photoshop Lady Gaga Photos; Tom Ford Secretly Married

Paparazzi Photoshop Lady Gaga Photos: According to a source, Lady Gaga requests that all photographers “smooth out her jaw line and thin her arm,” as well as “smooth out and thin her legs” prior to making any images available to the public. While she isn’t the first celebrity to request re-touches to her photographs (Beyoncé’s tightly controlled camp did the same during the Mrs. Carter tour), the fact that the singer has been very outspoken about body positivity has people calling her out on hypocrisy. [Jezebel]

Tom Ford Secretly Got Married: On Monday evening, American fashion designer Tom Ford subtly announced that he and his partner of 27 years are already married. "I lost so many friends in college—I would say more than half of my closest friends. Richard, my partner of 27 years, had also gone through something also quite tough in his life. We are now married which is nice," he said in conversation with Kinvara Balfour at the Regent Street Apple Store. "I know that was just made legal in the UK which is great; we were married in the States." [Vogue UK]

Kanye's Adidas Collection Was Influenced By The Jenners: Kanye West's last design for Nike might have sold for $16 million on eBay, but his popularity couldn’t keep him around—the opinionated rap star abruptly left the brand for its chief competitor, Adidas. During a private performance for Adidas employees in Germany, Kanye announced that the new collaboration will be available in June. According to Fashionista, Kim Kardashian commented that "the rapper has been putting a lot of work into this new collaboration—and getting plenty of input from Kendall and Kylie." [Fashionista]