Parents of ISIS Victim Give to Aid Group They Say Abandoned Their Daughter

The parents of a slain aid worker Kayla Mueller will donate $120,000 to Doctors Without Borders, which they had previously accused of abandoning their daughter when she was kidnapped by ISIS in 2013. Parents Marsha and Carl Mueller previously accused Doctors Without Borders of refusing to speak to them after Kayla went missing while travelling to Aleppo, Syria where she planned to work with refugees. Kayla was believed to be the first western aid worker abucted by ISIS, which was less well known in 2013. She was reported dead on Feb. 6, 2015. Her parents told ABC that the donation to Doctors Without Borders was what Kayla would have wanted. "I kept asking Kayla, we have this money, there is so much need in the world and we want to give it to someone, so who has the greatest reach around the world?" Marsha told ABC. "Doctors Without Borders is a great organization, I have a lot of respect for them and I knew of her respect for them."