Paris Hilton Praises Donald Trump on CNBC

Paris Hilton, who said she has been friends with Ivanka Trump since they were both small children, had nothing but nice things to say about fellow former reality-TV star Donald Trump during an interview on CNBC Wednesday. Asked to share something she knows about the GOP presidential candidate that the general public might not, Hilton said, “I’ve known him since I’m little girl. He’s a very nice man. I think on TV people like to say things about certain people, but he’s actually a very sweet person. I like him a lot.” However, when the hosts asked her whether she plans to vote for him in November, Hilton replied, “My mom always told me not to talk about money or politics.” Before this, Hilton’s most significant brush with politics came when she was prominently featured in a 2008 John McCain ad that painted Barack Obama as “the biggest celebrity in the world.”