Paterno: ‘I’ve Lived for This Place’

Joe Paterno canceled his weekly press conference Tuesday as The New York Times said he will resign as Penn State’s head football coach after 46 years. Paterno stepped out of his home briefly to speak with reporters Tuesday evening about the sex-abuse scandal, but he did not comment on his future at Penn State. “I’ve lived for this place. I've lived for people like you guys and girls.” Meanwhile, the number of people coming forward alleging abuse by former football defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky has reportedly risen to “almost 20” and a ninth victim was verified Tuesday. Paterno is not the only one who has lost the support of the school as sources close to the university said Wednesday that Penn State’s Board of Trustees is considering replacing university president Graham Spanier with former Homeland Security director Tom Ridge. Nearly 1,000 Penn State students rallied on campus Tuesday night outside Spanier's office to protest Paterno's possible resignation.