Patton Oswalt Bombs with Mike Huckabee’s Twitter Jokes on ‘Kimmel’

Even one of America’s greatest comedians couldn’t make Mike Huckabee’s tweet jokes funny.

Comedian Patton Oswalt is very funny. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is not.

Recently, Huckabee has been using his Twitter account to make increasingly painful jokes about politics. So Jimmy Kimmel had the inspired idea to invite Oswalt on his show Thursday night to “bring them to life onstage.”

Using typical stand-up premises like, “Have you guys been watching the news lately?” and “Traveling’s weird” that made Kimmel lose it, Oswalt recited the tweets below to audible groans from the crowd.

“You guys like music? I sure do,” Oswalt said, before performing this gem from Huckabee about President Trump’s war with Snoop Dogg:

After one last shot at Hillary Clinton, Oswalt sheepishly backed out of the spotlight as the curtain closed in front of him. “See? Good material just works,” Kimmel joked.