Paul Allen Finds WWII Battleship

Paul Allen, the billionaire co-founder of Microsoft, announced Wednesday that he and the crew on his superyacht have found a long-lost Japanese battleship. The Musashi, at 900 feet long, was the largest naval ship in the world when it sank in October 1944 in the Sibuyan Sea. It took 19 torpedoes and 17 bombs to sink the ship, along with the 1,000 men that were on board. “Since my youth, I have been fascinated with World War II history, inspired by my father’s service in the U.S. Army,” Allen said in a statement. “The Musashi is truly an engineering marvel and, as an engineer at heart, I have a deep appreciation for the technology and effort that went into its construction. I am honored to play a part in finding this key vessel in naval history and honoring the memory of the incredible bravery of the men who served aboard her.”