The Daily Pic

Paul Graham at Pace Gallery is Blake Gopnik's Daily Pic

The Daily Pic: Paul Graham captures the space we move through.

© Paul Graham, courtesy The Pace Gallery and Pace/MacGill Gallery

I can’t help it – I have to point for a second time to the photos of Paul Graham, which are up for only another three days at Pace Gallery in New York. It has been ages since street photography has found new things to say – in this case, collapsing space and time into the single point the camera stays focused on, and the moment its shutter is snapped. In this pair of images, you can almost feel the stylish black woman in pink shirt and black pants crossing the scene from the far background, and taking the place of the first shot’s mourner, also in pink and black, in the foreground. The world seems to be staging a dance, in costume, with Graham’s lens as its only audience member. One figure after another comes to center stage, dances a number, and exits.

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