Paul Ryan: Unlike Trump Accusers, Moore Accusers Are ‘Credible’

In the full transcript of Paul Ryan’s interview with NPR, the Speaker of the House made a distinction between the sexual-assault allegations against U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore and President Donald Trump. When asked why he called for Moore to withdraw from the race, Ryan said, “That’s because I believe those allegations are credible.” NPR’s Steve Inskeep followed up with a question asking about how those allegations differed from those about President Trump, and Ryan foundered in trying to explain why he hasn’t, in turn, called for Trump to step down. “I think the Roy Moore—I don’t know if—I’m focused on Congress,” Ryan said. “Roy Moore is trying to come to Congress.” Ryan said he wants his 15-year-old daughter to “grow up in a country, she’s 15 years old, where she is empowered and respected wherever she goes and wherever she works in whatever she does,” including Capitol Hill. “We’re just finding out about some of these things which are quite frankly very disturbing,” he said.