Paul Ryan Walks Away When Pressed on Whether Trump ‘Vindicated’ by Nunes Memo

House Speaker Paul Ryan on Tuesday performed a cringeworthy dodge when asked whether the Nunes memo “vindicated” Donald Trump, as the president boasted last week. “Last week, you made the case that the Nunes memo was separate from the Mueller investigation,” CNN’s Manu Raju said during a House GOP press conference, with Ryan agreeing. “And yet over the weekend, the president claimed ‘total vindication’ from the Nunes memo. Was he vindicated in any way?” The Republican leader quickly replied, “This is about FISA abuse. And this is about holding our government accountable. And this is about Congress doing its job in conducting oversight over the Executive Branch, which in this particular case, has been great power over us as citizens. We need to make sure that power is used correctly.” He then abruptly walked off as Raju asked again whether the president was “vindicated.”