Pelosi Weakened by CIA Fight

As the war between Nancy Pelosi and the CIA intensifies, it's the GOP who's coming out on top. While their previous attempts to derail the House speaker, like questioning her use of a government airplane, have failed, Republicans may now be gaining traction. On the heels of CIA chief Leon Panetta's statement that all CIA agents briefed members of Congress "truthfully"—rebutting Pelosi's accusations that she had been lied to—Republicans are getting a chance to sink their teeth into the speaker. They are disputing Pelosi's statement that she was briefed only once as a member of the House Intelligence Committee in 2002 and that she was told that while the Bush administration had determined waterboarding was legal, it would not be used. But while the debate over what Nancy knew has provided a cause for inquiry, experts think this kerfuffle won't jeopardize Pelosi's job as speaker.