Pence Praises Trump’s ‘Can-Do Spirit’ Amid Charlottesville Backlash

Vice President Mike Pence had nothing but praise for President Trump during a visit to the Panama Canal on Thursday, commending the president for his “vision, energy, and can-do spirit” even as Trump faced mounting criticism from lawmakers and business leaders back home, Bloomberg reports. Pence compared Trump to former President Teddy Roosevelt just hours after the president faced a new round of criticism for calling Confederate-era monuments “beautiful” amid increasing calls for their removal. Proclaiming this “a great week for the American worker,” Pence steered clear of any talk on the controversy plaguing the White House over Trump’s remarks on Charlottesville, where one woman was killed Saturday and several others injured following a white nationalist rally. A day earlier, Pence said he “stands with the president” amid concerns Trump hasn’t gone far enough to condemn white supremacists.