Penn. White Supremacist Praised NZ Shooting, Posted Edited Pic of Himself Shooting Jews: Feds

Federal prosecutors say a Pennsylvania white supremacist made a number of threats against Jewish and black people, including posting a photoshopped image of himself shooting a Jewish congregation with an AR-15 rifle. Corbin Kauffman, a 30-year-old resident of Lehighton, Penn., was arrested on April 1 and charged with making online threats. Kauffman’s arrest was made public on Thursday. Prosecutors say Kauffman made his threats through posts and images on Minds.com, a site popular with members of the far-right who have been kicked off more mainstream platforms.

Kauffman’s Minds profile was filled with references to other recent racist mass shootings, including the Charleston church shooting and the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, according to the Anti-Defamation League. Kauffman allegedly urged other Minds users to “murder your local Juden” and wrote that “All Jews must die.” In one post, Kauffman edited a picture of Jewish men praying to insert himself aiming an AR-15 rifle at them. Kauffman also praised the New Zealand mosque shooting and posted a number of memes related to the massacre, according to the ADL.