Peterson: ‘I Won’t Ever Use a Switch’

While he has been suspended by the NFL for the rest of the season, running back Adrian Peterson told USA Today on Friday that he feels remorse for hurting his son when he disciplined him with a switch from a tree. “I won’t ever use a switch again,” Peterson said. “There’s different situations where a child needs to be disciplined as far as timeout, taking their toys away, making them take a nap. There’s so many different ways to discipline your kids.” The remarks by Peterson are his first since his indictment. Peterson also said that while he hopes to return to the NFL, he is focued on his family. “No one knows how I felt when I turned my child around after spanking him and seeing what I had left on his leg,” Peterson said. “No one knows that Dad sat there and apologized to him, hugged him and told him that I didn’t mean to do this to you and how sorry I was.” He does, however, want the person who leaked photos of his son to be punished. Peterson says he has been seeing a therapist in Washington, D.C. as well as a pastor near Houston.