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Pictures of Pippa Boxing In UK Paper Tomorrow

The Telegraph has hired Pippa Middleton to write a new column for them called 'Sport and Social'.

And for her first column, she is writing about boxing.

Yep, boxing.

She kicks off with what's fast becoming a Pippa trademark, a brief meditation on the skimpiness of her sportswear.

"The air was heavy and sweet with the sweat of adrenalin-fuelled bodies," she trills. "Every so often the dimly lit room seemed to shudder as a Tube rattled through far below. I stood there a little uncertainly, well aware that in my slinky workout attire I was inappropriately dressed."

The front page of the paper does carries a puff with a picture of Pippa with boxing gloves on. This now means she is writing for Waitrose magazine, Vanity Fair, The Spectator and The Telegraph on a regular basis (the new column will be fortnightly).

Spreading yourself a bit thin, perhaps, Pip? Remeber in this game its all about longevity, girl. It's a marathon, not a sprint etc etc...

Well, she is sporty girl, loving ski-ing and running and she was captain of her school hockey team, so we await tomorrow's paper with interest to see what has spurred her interest in kickboxing (other than a nice juicy commission).