Pippa Completes Seven Hour Ski Challenge

Royal relative and ski bum Pippa Middleton took it in stride when the official 'flower man' at the Vasaloppet race, Eriks Smedhs, a 20-year old biomedicine student, landed a kiss on her cheek at the finishing line of the grueling 56-mile cross-country ski marathon, which she completed today in 7 hours 13 minutes.

She raised £7,602 for a children's charity thanks to her powerful pals.There were 15,800 competitors, and Pippa finished 412th in the women's category.

Pippa’s brother, James, clocked 6 hours 47 minutes, while the winner finished in 3 hours 38 minutes. The competition is one of the world's oldest cross-country races and is based on Gustav Vasa's attempt to gather peasants for a revolt against occupying Danes in 1522. More pics below, Royalists.