Pippa Middleton Joins Belgian Hunt

Pippa Middleton sure does love her European aristocrats. Last time she went to a big Euro-bash, it was her pal Arthur de Soultrait in Paris who was hosting - and we wound up with toy gun-gate.

This time she's joined the Freres, Belgium's richest family for a hunting party in which six wild boar and nine deers were killed, according to Belgian newspaper La Capitale.

The hunt in Gerpinnes, south of Charleroi, took place in December and was organised by the two grandsons of Belgian billionaire industrialist Albert Frere, William, 27, and Cedric, 28.

The Frere family refused to comment to La Capitale about whether or not the Duchess of Cambridge's sister was present, saying only 'hunting is a private affair'.

The 1 December hunting party was 20-strong and set out from the Bierlere forest near Gerpinnes, which extends over 200 hectares. Six boars and nine deer was killed.

It is not clear whether Pippa participated in killing the animals or not.

Three sources in the hunting party confirmed Pippa's presence, Belgian newspaper La Capital reported.

"I shook her hand but at that moment I didn't recognise her," said one. "Afterwards a friend teased me, saying, "what, you didn't recognise Pippa?".Another said he didn't realise who Pippa was because she introduced herself by her full name, Philippa.